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Properties Owned:
Arden Hills
St. Paul
Columbia Heights 1
Columbia Heights 2

ICF Construction

Real Estate Consultant

Real estate consultant for hire

Consultant for hire for anything real estate:

         Building a new home:  ICF Construction support

o    Single family
o    Duplex
o    Townhouse
o    Apartment building
o    Mobile Home

o    Owner occupied
o    Rental property
o    Turn your primary home into a rental, get a new mortgage to buy a 2nd home - while you are still living in your primary home

         How to buy a new house without selling your existing house.

         Landlord support

         Credit score support

Over 26 years as a real estate investor (landlord), maybe I can help you.   I list my real estate holdings as proof that I have been a landlord and real estate investor with real experience.  (Did you know that some real estate agents and mortgage loan officers rent their home?  They would not be someone that I want to do business with to help me find real estate to purchase otherwise they would own instead). 

Real Estate Experience:

         Real Estate Agent
o    Real Estate Masters
o    Edina Reality

         Mortgage Loan Officer:
o    CommonSense Mortgage Co.

         Real Estate Investor
o    Owned 10 properties
o    7 were rental properties

         Have had 18 mortgages
o    Conventional mortgages
o    FHA mortgages
VA mortgages
Construction-To-Perm mortgages
o    HELOC

         My personal credit scores are 820's
o    Make sure you put a Credit Freeze on all 3 bureaus
o    Edina Reality

         FICO employee (Fair Isaac)
o    IBM Mainframe Computer Programmer

         Developed 69 page lease (iron clad lease)

         Landlord secrets:  not many vacancies in 26 years

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a payment that fits your budget.

Price of Home($):

Annual Interest Rate: (%)
Down Payment($):   or  (%)
# of Years:

Loan Amount($):
# of Payments:
Monthly Payment($):
(Principal+Interest Only)

* Multiple mortgage credit report inquiries within any 14 day period only count as one inquiry.

* Your score does not change when you pull your own credit or a when a prospective employer orders your credit either.


* LTV 
Loan-to-value ratio is the comparison of the amount of money you are borrowing and the price of the property. The smaller the amount of your down payment, the riskier the mortgage is perceived to be by mortgage lenders. 

* PMI 
Private mortgage insurance protects the lender in case you default on your home loan. If your down payment is less than 20% of the selling price, most lenders will require that you buy PMI. 

Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance.  Lenders look at the PITI amount in relation to the gross income of the borrower to make sure the borrower can afford the payments. 
Don't hesitate to call if you would like more information. My goal is always to make the buying or refinancing process as smooth and comfortable for you as possible. 

Debt to Income.
  Add up all your monthly debt (only include items that would show up on your credit report such as credit card minimum payment, car loans, rent/mortgage, do not include utilities).   Compare your monthly debt to your gross income.   The monthly debt should normally be no more than 35% to 55% of your gross income.

Example:  mortgage $1000, car $200, Visa $75, MasterCard $100 = $1375
Gross monthly income is $3000.   Take $1375 divid by $3000 = DTI 45.8%



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